What is the difference between Splints & Braces

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Braces provides supports to an injured limbs for an indefinate duration of time while the Splint is used in an emergency conditions to immobolize the injured body area. Braces are mainly used on patient suffering from sprains or tears, with occasional utilization for rehabilitation of fractured bones. Conversely, Splints typically focus on bone fractures, but may also be used to help treat sprains. However, splints are more commonly used in these scenarios than braces.

In general, both a splint and a brace may be applied during emergency and first aid situations. The purpose of a splint is to help immobilize a patient during transportation to a medical facility, and may be useful in preventing sharp bone fragments from damaging blood vessels, nerves, organs, or skin. Sometimes splints may also be used in rehabilitation. In general, their main purpose in this field is to keep joints in a steady position, or allow for only a minimal amount of movement.