Diabetic Footwear

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diabetic Footwear Manufacturer and wholesale suppliers of diabetic shoes, diabetic sandals and diabetic slippers for diabtic footware diabetic Footwear Manufacturer and wholesale suppliers of diabetic shoes, diabetic sandals and diabetic slippers for diabtic footware

Diabetic shoes for a diabetic patients is mainly to focus on plantar pressure at important area of the foot. Primarily metatarsal head (MTH), is reduced for a certain conditions and the prescribed diabetic footwear (diabetic shoes, diabetic slippers, diabetic sandals) is worn consistently by the diabetic patients. With the use of the diabetic footwear the clinical outcome of the diabetic patients can be improved. Diabetic footwear works on the plantar pressure that is the pressure exerted between the bottom surface of the foot as it meets the insole of the footwear (shoes,slippers,sandals) usually during walking.

Clinical studies and researches have revealed that if the sole of the footwear ( as in diabetic shoes) is more firm and contoured, combined with appropriate orthosis / insoles the plantar pressure reduces drastically. We are manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of diabetic shoes for men and women. As a manufacturers and suppliers of diabetic footwear in India, we have a wide range of diabetic footwear and these are of international quality.

Our diabetic Footwear are trendy and fashionable, and we have been providing customers exclusively handcrafted customized Diabetic & Orthopaedic footwear. we work very closely with doctors & podiatrists to design and manufacture scientifically designed footwear that is specially fabricated to suit all diabetic patients as well as patients requiring orthopedic care, correction & rehabilitation.

We provide wide range of diabetic footwears for all kinds of foot disorders

Diabetic Feet Flat Foot Arch Plantar Fasciitis Metatarsal Plain
Metatarsalgia Calcaneal Spur     Corns & Bunions     Foot Sores
Achillies Tendonities      Ankle Pain Knee Pain Lower Back Pain
Heel Pain Arthirities Joint Pains Polio Feet
Amputated Feet.      

Our diabetic footwear products

  • Diabetic Shoes for women
  • Diabetic Shoes for men
  • Diabetic Slippers for women
  • Diabetic Slippers for men
  • Diabetic Sandals for women
  • Diabetic Sandals for Men

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