Silicone Gel Heel Pad

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Silicone Gel Heel Pad

Silicone Heel pads are most popular orthotics for plantar fasciitis. SIlicone Heel Pads are the smallest and simplest of the orthotics for plantar fasciitis to provide heel pain relief. The silicone heel pads are manufactured by use of quality silicone gel that provides all the needed cushioning to the heels with appropriate shock absorption to the heels. Thes silicone heel pads reduces the stress on the plantar fascia, particularly if you have also developed a bone spur on the heel.

The silicone heel gel pads work in following two different ways

  1. The silicone heel gel pads lift the heel up slightly this in turn reduces the tension on applied on the Achilles tendon, subsequently reducing the tension on the plantar fascia.
  2. They simply slip into the back of the shoe and are generally made from a gel substance or plastic which absorbs shock as you walk or run.  With the gel heel cups, there is an element of flexibility in them, which is often preferable to the more rigid types of insole

We are on of the leading manufacturers of silicone heel pads in India. The silicone heel pad are gently contoured to cradle the heel and feature an extra-soft, the heel cup is anatomically perfect silicone insert to provide concentrated relief where you need it most.

Sizes for silcione heel Pads: These are available in various size ranging from small, medium and large silicone heel pads that can fit in various size of footwear to provide the maximum relief from various fatique causing pains and discomfort.

Product Code SI-103
One Pair Silicone Heel Cup  Price     Rs 650.00

 We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of silicone heel Pads in India.

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