Silicon Toe Spreader

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Silicon Toe Spreader

The silicone toe spreader is a soft gel piece that helps to protect your bunion from knocking and bumping. Toe spreader realign toes to their natural position if used regularly. To prevent callous and corns, straighten bent toes; Increase circulation,Improve balance. For powerful pain relief that stays in place as you walk, look no further than the Relief Silicone Toe Spreader with Loop. Its hourglass shape helps maintain proper big toe alignment, and the toe loop minimizes slippage. Soft thermoplastic elastomer silicone conforms to your foot for superior comfort, and the hypoallergenic and diabetic-friendly design won't irritate feet. The Medical-grade Silicone provides soft cushioning between the toes.

Advantages & Features Silicone gel toe separator manufactured & supplied by us

  • Sustain the pressure and is very soft and flexible.
  • Evenly distributes the pressure and removed the pressure points which causes pressure sore.
  • It will not crack,freeze,melt or harden in normal conditions. Nontoxic& safe to use externally.
  • Never absorb any liquid or odor.
  • Contains mineral oil which always soothes skin on direct contact
  • Very useful to prevent pressure sore
  • Can be easily cleaned by using standard mild detergents
  • stabilizes the ankle and prevent ankle sprains and falls
  • Corrects hallux valgus and hammer toes

Care & direction of use for long lasting of gel toe separator

  • Avoid placing / stroring near sharp objects.
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight exposure to the gel toe seperator.
  • Never autoclave the silicone toe seperator.
  • Use of talcum powder before use is suggested for the toe seperator.
  • Clean the toe seperator regularly
  • Better results can be obtained when used qith toe socks
  • Suggested to use shoes with wide forefoot in case toe spreader is used


Product Code GL-105
Silicone Gel Toe Seperace Price foe each piece      Rs 120.00

 The Relief Toe Spreader with Loop is designed to fit most footwear’s comfortably.

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