Four Post collar For Neck Support

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Four Post collar For Neck Support

The four post cervical collar, is constructed from polyform and provides the best cervical support for neck supports to patients with complicated requirements negating the use of a standard commercial cervical collar. The four post cervical collar can provides all the flexibility in adjustment and can be independently used and removed by the patient and leaving one side of the collar attached. We are also manufacturer of cervical collar with custom specification as per the requirement of an individual. The four post cervical support collar is light in weigh with ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort to the patients using it. The cervical support collars can be easily cleaned. The four poster collar comprises of a rigid brace with four upright rods to support the neck and also to reduce motion; it has chin and occipital supports.

Four Post Cervical Collars Is Featured WITH:-
- Three Sets Of Straps Provides Proper Immobilization with use of cervical support collars.
- foam/cushioned Padding provides utmost comfort while using the cervical collar for prolonged use.
- Rigid, Four Post, Light Weight Metal Malleable Plates For Chin, Chest & Back For Proper Contouring And Fit On Patient.
- Post-Traction, Normal Cervical Spine Alignment Supports In The Case Of Dislocations.
- It Is Recommended For Support And Immobilization To The Fractured Mid Or Lower Cervical Spine During The Pre & Post Operative Conditions.


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