Philadelphia Collar

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The Philadelphia collar is a Cervical collar that comprises of two piece collar having a front piece and a back piece that are held together by Velcro straps. The philadelphia cervical collar is applied in the front and back of the neck and attaches with Velcro at the sides. Philadelphia collar also called Philadelphia neck collar is used to support your neck bones and ligaments and reduce any movement that may further damage your neck. The Philadelphia collar is Pre-formed, lightweight, two-piece polyethylene foam with rigid plastic supports front and rear. Philadelphia cervical collar maintains head in neutral position. Philadelphia collar can also be used to provide support in combination with a cervical or scoliosis cast. Using a combination of properties, the philadelphia collar affords rigid stabilization in comfort not found with the usual hard plastic material.

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Philadelphia Collar      Rs 935.00

Salient features of Philadelphia Collars manufactured & supplied by us

  • Philadelphia collar Made from soft but strong ethafoam provides optimum immobilization
  • Pre-formed chin design ensures chin & mandible immobilization in proper position with use of Philadelphia cervical collar
  • Philadelphia collar is fabricated from latex free Ethafoam is hypo-allergic to reduce skin irritation
  • Philadelphia collar is water-resistant to allow bathing and aqua-therapy
  • Philadelphia cervical collar is light in weight, very sturdy & easy to clean
  • Frontal Hole in Philadelphia neck collar allows use of Tracheotomy tube
  • Two piece design of Philadelphia cervical collar for easy application with firm occipital support
  • Movement is limited by rigid anterior and posterior supports in Philadelphia cervical collar
  • Long Hook-loop Velcro straps for easy fitting of Philadelphia collar
  • Philadelphia collar is Compatible with X-RAY & MRI radiations
  • Philadelphia collar are easily customized for individual requirements for every neck

Typical uses of philadelphia neck collar :   Physiotherapists, orthos and even surgeons prescribe for PHILADELPHIA COLLAR / PHILADELPHIA NECK COLLAR / PHILADELPHIA CERVICAL COLLAR generally are after fusion surgery, significant strain of the neck muscles, sprain of the neck ligaments or after fractures, all of which can cause instability of the cervical spine. The philadelphia collar is considered as most effective in restricting forward and backward motion at most vertebral levels. These cervical neck collar further restricts rotation and bending to the side, the philadelphia collar are proven to display the best performance of the collars.

Changing Instructions For Philadelphial cervical collar with assitance

  • Neck should be clean and dry before placing the phildelphia neck collar
  • The person assisting should stand behind you and place the back piece of the collar to the back of your neck. Ensure that this is centred and fits under your ears
  • Whilst you are supporting the back piece, the person assisting can place the front piece in place. Ensure that your chin is fitted into the chin piece
  • The front piece of the philadelphia neck collar should overlap the back piece philadelphia neck collar .
  • Make sure that the philadelphia collar is centred and the Velcro straps are firmly applied to secure the front and back pieces together firmly

The special properties of the collar are using a plastic with high durability attached to softer non-allergenic and resilient foam. This makes the collar feel softer and more comfortable than the traditional hard plastic used in most philadelphia collars. This, along with holes for ventilation, greatly improves comfort for the user. The philadelphia collar is resistant to liquids and cleans easily with mild soap and water. The contours of the philadelphia collar area molded for a supportive and comfortable fitting at the shoulders, neck and around the chin. The front and back portions fit together to provide a stabilizing support, so the philadelphia collar immobilizes the neck properly. Nerve inflammation, fractures, reduced dislocations, post halo body jacket – specific conditions for use should be assessed by doctor.

Benefits of Philadelphia Cervical Neck Collars

  • More comfort maily as it provides rest to chin and o preformed chin improves immobilization.
  • Anatomical shape offers perfect immobilization
  • Minimal contact of the neck ( balloon design) , allows use in burn or trauma patients
  • Hypoallergenic material ensures no rash no allergy, even on prolonged use
  • Tracheotomy opening, allows compatibility with the use of endo-trakea tube It also improves air ventilation and patient compliance


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