Adjustable Hard Cervical Collars

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The collar adjusts to different heights enabling it to be an adjustable and most comfortable hard cervical collar. Our experience as an adjustable hard cervical collar manufacturers has been for our 3 decades and the adjustable cervical collar cost being most competitive as compared to our competitors. The adjustable hard cervical collar is a single piece with no extra accessories for assembly. The Adjustable Cervical collar manufactured by us is an easy choice for patients requiring spinal immobilization. We take all care of the patient's conform while designing the adjustable cervical collar. We are the leading adjustable hard cervical collar manufacturers in India. Adjustable hard cervical collar suits the best need of the patients, these adjustable hard cervical collar are most affordable and are offered at most competitive price.

Cervical Collar Featured With: The adjustable cervical collar manufactured by us are featured with

  • Ergonomic design
  • Reinforced with IDPE sheet with thick round edges to provide good immobilization
  • Rust proof eyelets improves ventilation & comfort
  • Highly comfortable
  • High density PU Foam ensures proper immobilization,soft cushioning & improves life of collar
  • Lowering of high quality cotton stockinet give cosmetic look & improves life of collar
  • The Adjustable hard cervical collar is completely skin friendly
  • Provides Instant relief to patients using the adjustable hard collars
  • Long Hook-Loop-Velcro ensures easy fitting
  • Easy & Fast trouble free fitting just in four basic steps

1. Measure the patient (using finger sizing method)
2. Adjust the cervical collar to correct size
3. Lock the cervical collar
4. Place the cervical collar on patient

 Benefits & Uses Of Adjustable Hard Cervical Collar

  • The hard cervical collars are best used for Cervical spondylosis
  • Adjustable hard cervical collar used for Vertigo
  • Cervical collars for whip splash injury
  • Cervical collars for post-operative Cervical Spine
  • Hard cervical collar used for Neck sprain / strain
  • Adjustable hard cervical collar used for Hard Stiff neck
  • In burn conditions- to prevent contracture of Neck
Product Code C-105
Adjustable Hard Cervical Collar Price  
Rs 250.00

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We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Adjustable Hard Cervical Collars in India.

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