Hard Cervical Collar

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Hard Cervical Collars, Hard cervical Neck Collars Hard Cervical Collars, Hard cervical Neck Collars

Hard cervical neck collar is most commonly prescribed products by various physiotherapist and Orthopedic physicians and surgeons. Hard cervical collars are most commonly used used for various spine, neck problems or even in case of certain injuries. The hard cervical collar restricts the neck movements more that a soft cervical collars. Hard cervical collars are also used frequently for providing support to a person's neck right after an injury caused by accidents. Hard Cervical Collars are also used as a therpay for neck strain, Hard cervical collars can also support the neck after surgery. Hard collars can be used for degenerative disc disease or some types of bone fractures.Hard cervical neck collar, provides very stiff support of your neck. Hard cervical collar are used by patient that have used a halo brace.

Features of our Hard Cervical Collars

  • Multi piece fitting that are molded to provide a comfortable fit.
  • High immobilization due to thick rounded edges made of reinforced IDPE sheet
  • Mandibular (front) and occipital (back) splints limit flexion and extension movements of the cervical spine.
  • Fabricated from high quality material that are non-absorbent and can be easily cleaned for longer life.
  • High density PU Foam ensures proper immobilization,soft cushioning & improves life of collar
  • Maximum comfort with rust proof eyelets for better ventilation
  • Frontal opening for tracheotomy.
  • Easy fiting provided with long loop velco hook
  • keyholes to provide perfect ventilation and added comfort for extended use.
  • Better cosmetics with lowering of high quality cotton stockinet & improves life of collar

Hard Cervical Collar use

  • Hard cervical collar are prescibed for redicular neck paim
  • Spine rehabilations with the use of hard cervical collars
  • hard cervical collare commonly used by patients of whiplash injury
  • Hard cervical collars are prefered post operative cervical spine
  • Frequently used by patients suffering from cervical spondylosis
  • Commonly used for Neck sprain / strain and stiff neck
Product Code C-104
Hard Cervical Collar Price  
Rs 200.00

Hard Cervical Neck Collars Types
We at Saket Ortho have a wide inventory of various type of hard cervical collars that can best suit the requirements of every individual. We also carry cervical collar models with adjustable, telescoping, one-size-fits most styling.  These cervical collars can be fit right from the packaging and require no guesswork.

The hard cervical neck collars are available in wide range of sizes that vary from Small, Medium, Large sizes. We also manufacture hard neck collars based on custom specification that are prescribed by doctors after critical surgeries and to provide maximum benefit to the user that uses hard cervical neck collar manufactured by Saket Ortho

Saket Ortho are now appointing distributors in various location nationwide for over 250 products that is manufactures. For more details for aquiring distributorship of the ortho and physio products manufactured by the company, you can contact us from this website

High Quality Hard Cervical Collar
The hard cervical collar is molded using high quality polyethylene which makes it a long lasting collar. It is provided we a pre molded support for chin for maintaining a neutral alignment. The back of the hard cervical collar is featured with high quality and molded direction to provides optimum sizing for maximum comfort. The locking mechanism is provided with locking straps or locking clips depending of the type of the hard cervical collar. The locking system of the hard cervical collar ensures to maintain a symmetrical adjustments. The clip based locking provides a positively lock into position and there is an over sized trachea opening, open rear panel and an essentially flat design for easy transportation.

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We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hard Cervical Collars in India.

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