Soft Cervical Collar

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Soft Cervical Collar India, foam cervical Collar manufacturers Soft Cervical Collar India, foam cervical Collar manufacturers

Soft cervical collar also terms as nexk braces are one of the most commonly prescribed othopedic appliances by various orthos, physios or even surgeon post operations. A soft cervical collar enables in preventing movement of your neck. Soft cervical collar / form cervical collars are  made of soft foam, wraps around your neck, and fastens in the back using a velcro straps or belt. The main objective of the soft cervical neck collars is to prevent or minimise motion in the cervical spine. These cervical collars also helps in keeping the head in a comfortable gravity-aligned position, this means a normal cervical lordosis. The head is held high on the shoulders and the ears are directly over each shoulder

Features of soft cervical collar

  • Soft cervical collare are ergonomic designed for providing maximum comfort.
  • Unique contour of soft foam in soft cervical collar that accommodates the chin comfortably.
  • Skin friendly as the knitted fabric cover absorbs the sweat
  • Soft cervical collars can provide instant relief and can be easily applied
  • Soft cervical collar provides comfortable fitting arrangement with strap to adjust the collar for custom fit.
  • Double layered foam for warm comfort and sung fit around neck.
  • Splint inside the collar provides stiffness for better beck support.
  • Perfect ventilation provided with eyelets in the soft cervical collar.
  • Breathable foam covered with soft, smooth knit material

We are backed with over 3 decared of experiance in Orthopedic and Physio products that enables is to churn out one of the the best range of cervical collar. The Cervical Collar Soft are avaible in wide range of soft cerviocal collars. The Foam Cervical collar / Soft cervical collar are manufactured under the guidance and supervision of highly adept professionals with comfort constraint as a prime concern while designing the cervical collars. Cervical collar soft or the foam cervical collar are designed for use of mild immobilization and proprioceptive benefit. The cervical collar soft / foam cervical collar are most cost effective, comfortable and can be deployed for use of various types of cervical injuries treatment. The foam cervical collar/ cervical collar soft, can be easily controlled with best locking arrangement to provide maximum comfort to the users. It has unbleached fastening and stockinette has simple touch-and-close and it can be washed at 40 C. We also manufacture, cervical collar as per the custom specification of our clients at most affordable prices.

Applications and uses of soft cervical collars: The soft cervical collar has various types of application. The soft cervical collar is used in neck extension injuries (Whiplash), cervical Spondylitis, Spondylosis and the herniated Cervical Disc, traumatic head etc. As a leading cervical collar manufacturer our collar finds an effective usage for preventive care of neck during work, travel, reading, minor neck injuries like strain, sprain and automobile whiplash. This can also be used during night-time in combination with semi rigid or hard collar. 

Sizing of Soft Cervical Collar: These are available in Small, Medium, Large sizes according to need and purpose. This collar is designed to fit neck sizes neck size that varies from 11"-20" and height 2.5"-5". All the cerivical collar are available in wide range of size to suit the need from small kiss to adults. Each is designed to offer optimal support, comfort and fit. The soft foam cervical collars are designmed and developed in collaboration with our panel of physicians, surgeons and medical specialists.

Two different types of soft cervical collars price with product code

Product Code       
Soft collar description Soft collar Price
Soft Cervical Collar (Super)      Rs 174.00
Soft Cervical Collar (DLX)      Rs 231.00

Soft cervical collar comes with guarantee as is of highest quality. If you should receive a defective product, please return it we will replace the product.

For Wholesale price of cervical collars contact us. We are also appointing distributors and Agents in various cities of India. Contact us for distributorship of all our orthepedic products.

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