Breast Prosthesis Manufacturers

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External Silicone Breast Prosthesis Manufacturers In India, Breast Prosthesis Suppliers, Prosthetic Breast Piece External Silicone Breast Prosthesis Manufacturers In India, Breast Prosthesis Suppliers, Prosthetic Breast Piece

An external breast prosthesis is an artificial breast used by women post mastectomy. The breast prosthesis enables the body balance and keeps the bra on the side of the mastectomy from riding up, this restricts from having a back pain or neck pain even sagging shoulder. As a Breast prostheses manufacturers in India, we manufacture custom made breast prosthesis for most women as per the custom needs and specification. The breast prosthesis are fabricated with the use of various types of material, and the breast prosthesis price mainly depends on the type of materials used in external breast prosthesis. The various material that are used to manufacture external breast prosthesis are silicone gel, foam, and fiberfill, these are of similar weight and feel to natural breast tissue. Some breast prostheses adhere directly on the chest, while others fit into slots of mastectomy bras to hold the prosthesis in right position. Prostheses can also be made with an artificial nipple or a special shape depending on a woman's preferences.

Various types of prosthetic breast devices

External silicone breast prosthesis: The external breast prosthesis is manufactured with the use of high quality silicone and is such designed to give a look and feel of natural breast tissue. The siliocne breast prosthesis is designed to bear the same dimension and color texture as that of natural breast, with perfect cup fitting that enables proper placements to prevent shoulder drop and poor balance.

Non silicone breast prosthesis: Non silicone breast prosthesis is made from foam or fiberfill and is very light in weight. The non silicone breast prosthesis is most suitable for wearing right after a mastectomy. This can also be used while exercise, swimming, and in hot weather.

Partial breast prosthesis: The partial breast prosthesis are mostly breast enhancer and is fabricated with the use of foam, fiberfill, or silicone. The partial breast prosthesis is used over the natural breast to give a look and feel or an enhanced breast size or equalizer.This is also used under situation, when part of her breast is removed, such as with a lumpectomy.


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