Tripod Walking Stick Walking Aid

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Tripod Walking Stick Walking Aid

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of tripod walking aids in India. These physiotherapy walking aids are ergonomically designed to provide maximum stability to users, while walking. The tripod walking sticks is light weight and can sustain heavy loads of the patients using it. Our tripod walking aid has been recommended by many physiotherapist and orthopedic doctors as it provides all the benefits of walking equipment to disabled and elderly persons.

The tripod walking stick assists and individual by improving balance & stability and further enhancing the confidence in walking as well as assisting with general weakness in the legs. The type of tripod walking equipment for you, depends depend on age, disability and general physical condition, and also the frequency of the use of the tripod walkers.

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The tripod walking stick that we manufacture is featured with

  • Trip0d walking aid is a stable three-legged frame can sustain heavy weight and provide maximum stability
  • Tripod walking is has a very company base
  • Tripod walking stick with adjustable height can also be provided with the additional stability with small base.
  • Ergonomically designed molded handle for secure grip of the tripod walking aid
  • Maintain the center of gravity centered over the legs to provide maximum stability.

The tripod walker is a perfect mobility aids for elderly persons and also disabled patients.


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