Orthopedic Crutches

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Orthopedic Crutches

Crutches are one of the most commonly used walking aids by patients with sprained or broken lower limbs. The Crutches is generally used by an individual when a they cannot apply full pressure on a foot, leg or hip. Crutches the walking aids that are adjustable and provides extra support when a person is trying to walk. While using the crutches, the body weight is supported by arms and hands as the lower limb cannot fully support the body weight.

We use high quality aluminum for fabricating a light weight crutches, each pair of crutches undergo a quality test before it is shipped to a user or on shelf for sale. the crutches are heavy duty crutches and well cushion for under arm support to provide maximum comfort to the users.

We manufacture following range of crutches

  • Crutches for old people
  • Crutches for Kids
  • Crutches for sprained ankles
  • Crutches for broken ankles
  • Crutches for atheletes
  • Crutches for babies
  • Crutches with forearm support
  • Crutches for broken leg
  • Crutches for broken toe
  • Crutches for broken big toe

Using a Crutches: Do not let your weight be supported by your underarms. This could hurt the nerves that are in your underarms. Your elbow should be bent when the crutch is in place under your arm, and the end of it is set on the floor. A properly fitted crutch will let you place two fingers between the top of the crutch and your armpits.

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