Ankle Traction Kit

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Ankle Traction Kit

Backed by expertise of our professional team, we are a leading suppliers and manufacturers of ankle traction kit in India. The ankle traction belt / kit is made up from premium quality material with stringent quality testing before its shelved for sale. We as a manufacturer and also wholesale suppliers of Ankle Traction Belt have a wide aray of these ankle traction belt for various application that are prescribed to patients. Our wide range of of traction kits have been specially designed and developed to provide a most convenient and effective method of ankle traction. These traction kits feature a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive to give maximum adhesion with the minimum allergy-related complications. Our ankle traction kits / ankle traction belt is most suitable for traction and treatment of ankle joint.

The ankle traction kits are specially fabricated from durable cotton fabric and padded with foam to provide extra comfort ti patients using it, and the double lock fastening for better grip, convenience and firm restraint. Durable Velcro closure for an easy application of ankle traction belts/kits. For locking and closures, heavy duty straps with special metal alloy rings are provided that connects the belt to the traction equipment.

Applications of ankle traction belts : Especially developed and designed for providing support of lower spine traction, ankle traction and lower leg traction.

Sizes of Ankle Traction Belts/ Kits

  • Universal size for all
  • Adult: increased, large, medium and small
  • Children: large, medium and small

Qualities of ankle traction belts

  • Regular quality of ankle traction belts
  • Deluxe quality of ankle traction belts
  • Premium quality of ankle traction belts

We suggest

  • To discontinue the use of ankle traction belts, in case of allergy,rash or itching.
  • Adjust hook loop closure for a secure and comfortable fitting. 

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