What are the problems face on using a hard cervical collar?

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Cervical collars used by the patients should be of high quality and used under the guidance of the physiotherapist or the orthopedic doctors. There are various problems
arising from the hard cervical collars which can be treated by you physician

  • Skin sores from pressure or moisture: this can be if the collar is not properly ventilated or even in case of inferior quality of material used as padding of hard cervical collars
  • Trouble with balance and seeing where you are walking: Improper strapping and fitting can lead to this problem of maintaining a proper balance of the hard cervical neck collar..
  • Weakness in your neck muscles mainly due to improper fitting and strapping of the cervical neck collars
  • Problems swallowing and eating: Can be caused due to very tight fighting of the hard cervical neck collars.

At Saket Ortho, we manufacture high quality hard neck cervical collars which have been designed and manufactured using the best quality of materials and provide all the comfort.

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